I Heard a Rumor


FOUND by Linda in Iowa City, Iowa

This note was inside our front door one Friday evening after we returned from a euchre game. If Jessica ever lived in at our address it was more than 12 years ago; odds are Bob got the wrong address. I hope he wasn’t too disappointed when Jessica didn’t call.

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6 thoughts on “I Heard a Rumor

  1. People still play Euchre? Wow.
    Bob, if you have to go on rumours that someone is “still alive”, it’s pretty obvious…she’s just not that into you. She probably gave you the wrong address, too.

  2. It’s from Iowa. Trust me, they still play Euchre there. Voluntarily.

  3. I was born and raised in Iowa. I only ever saw “euchre” mentioned in Good Old Days Magazine.

  4. I’ve got family in Iowa. We played euchre last time I was visiting. Maybe it’s a city vs. country thing (although, as you know, there’s a LOT of “country” in Iowa).

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