Gotta Look Forward, Not Back


FOUND by Jerry Mac and Billy B. in Seattle, Washington

On way back to the hotel following a Furthur concert at WAMU, we had just left the light rail station at SEATAC Airport. As we crossed the intersection near 13 Coins Restaurant/Bar, we saw this yellow, folded-up letter in the middle of the street. It was obvious that it hadn’t been there long (no tire tracks), so we grabbed it and took it back to the hotel for “furthur” analysis. All we can gather is that someone had a not-so-good run-in with the police and that a screwdriver was involved at some point. Also apparently you are not allowed to spell out “BITCH” in letters to people in “centers.”

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  • orinocowomble

    Why only Page 2 when it’s obvious there’s writing on the other side, and it looks like Page 1? I miss the old days of “flippable” Finds. Maybe TMI on Page one?

    Where is everybody, anyway? Librarian? Cromey? Clover?

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    I’m here, I’m here.

    I’m also wondering whether Bro Mike is a pal telling his Bro to keep an eye out for that child support warrant … or whether he’s threatening his Bro with the same warrant.

    It it a Blondie song? (“One way or another, I’m gonna find ya’ I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’, get ya’ One way….”)

    Or maybe it’s a Mormon missionary writing to his missionary team partner who is done with his mission and returning to Salt Lake City while he, Mike, has to stay on the mission yet longer.

  • Chromey in the Kitschen

    Seriously. We DO need the vital information on page 1! There’s a date, but all I can see is 9, 2012. I did not know that there was supposed to be a comma in West, Virginia. Yes, yes. Always keep your faith in the Lord when you’re in a sorry-ass place.

    The Furthur concert at the WAMU theater was Sept 25. Enexelent Finders’ Blurb, Jerry Mac and Billy B. Nothing compares to a show like that in a city like Seattle! (or Eugene, or Portland, or San Francisco. Actually, more than the show- it’s the entire Adventure.)

  • Chrome

    we know where the Find is from, but I’m wondering where Jerry Mac and Billy B. are from. Obviously from out of town if staying at a SeaTac area hotel for the concert. I hope one or the other of them checks in here.

    was the screwdriver the vodka and OJ variety? Standard? Philips? or maybe it was a chisel, and someone only THOUGHT it was a big ole screwdriver. What does Burnie from the Git-Go mean? Weekend at Bernie’s? Burnie as in stoned (having burned a fattie)? So many questions for a Monday.

  • orinocowomble

    Please go check out the Find from 3 November…I can’t wait to hear what you think of the No Show thing!

  • Jerry Mac & Billy B.

    We did submit page 1 as well, but for some reason only page 2 appears here. And you’re right, without page 1, it does leave lots of unanswered questions. Even with page 1 there’s lots of unanswered questions. What do you think….do we resubmit page 1? By the way, we’re from Midwest City, Oklahoma and had just capped off an excellent trip up the west coast with an awesome show at the WAMU.

  • orinocowomble

    You can try! We’d sure like to see it. Or if you have a personal blog, post it there and tell us where it is!

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    The title “Look Forward, Not Back” would seem to indicate that we really DON’T need page 1. What we need is page 3.

  • Chrome

    Yaaay! I LOVE it when the Finders check in! thanks, Jerry Mac and Billy B, for your responses! Glad you had an epic trip up the West Coast.

  • Jerry Mac & Billy B.

    In case you missed it….page 1 was posted on December 14th!