Ballerina Diet


FOUND by Paul Pintner in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I work in a bookstore (BMV) that buys secondhand books, dvds, comics, etc; hundreds if not a thousand a week, and we often come across odd and/or personal items inside the books or boxes. Usually photos, but sometimes home movies, money, postcards, letters, bills, even identification from time to time. Obviously if we discover them in time we give them back to the seller (unless we feel it would be just too embarrassing; don’t use candid photos as bookmarks folks!). For some reason I’d never thought of submitting any of our finds to your magazine until this page from some ballerina’s diet came along. All I can say is I feel sorry for these girls and boys, despite the fact that they, like Hobbits, get a second breakfast. As if the shoes weren’t bad enough.

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5 thoughts on “Ballerina Diet

  1. Seventh grade English assignment:

    Now that we’ve read Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” please draw up a description of what life would be like for a character from any other story we’ve read this year IF that character were placed into Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Be sure to include elements from Middle Earth that would affect your character’s emotional life (e.g., would Roald Dahl’s Charlie be sad with the general lack of chocolate, or happy with the lack of abject poverty? Or how would Black Beauty feel about being away from the city again? Or how would Ellie Brown from “Royal Ballet School Diaries” feel about the rough world of the Shire, would there be anything she would like about life there?) Write at least 2 pages.

  2. No ballerina eats like that. A professional dancer burns tons of calories every day, and needs more than “a tablespoon of cooked rice” to go on. This reads more like the Anorexic Diet.

  3. Agree with orinocowmble. I was a ballet dancer for more than 12 years, and no dancer I’ve encountered would eat like that. They’d kill over in three days. Seriously jealous of your job! Secondhand books are such fun!

  4. This isnt an actual ballernina diet. Its a diet that anerexics sometimes do and its called ballernina becus ballernas are skinny

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