I Will Try, Ellen


FOUND by Lisa Newstead in East Anglia, UK

I was helping clearing out the attics of an old ex-private school where they used to store all the costumes for school plays, but over the years it had inevitably been used for storing other things, including books. The new owners will be keeping it as a school, but need it cleared out and cleaned. The main buidling is very old, and originally was quite a prestigious hall (as in a “stately home”). Imagine my surprise (and JOY) when I was moving a pile of books and this page fell open in a 1961 Whittakers Almanac.

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2 thoughts on “I Will Try, Ellen

  1. I’m hoping that the write meant “I will try, Ellen.” rather than “I will try Ellen.” The lines before that are from the New Testament, of course, and telling Ellen you will try to think of those things aligns with New Testament thought better than telling Ellen that you’ll try HER.

    See? Commas are important.

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