FOUND by Shelli Julius on the side of the street

I found this on the side of the road near my apartment complex. I believe it was dropped by a child walking home from the Head Start school nearby. I love that “clown” is spelled correctly in the heading of the story, but is subsequently spelled “clon” thereafter.

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2 thoughts on “Flappy

  1. Handwriting looks like my dislexic brother’s, not like a preschool child’s. Also the story is a little…um…yeah.

  2. At one time (say, back when I was a kid) this would have been called “creative”. Today it would have put the school in lock-down mode, gotten the author arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, and then gotten her put into long-term counseling under serious medication to “help her” deal with her “anger issues.”

    Thank goodness young Stephen King grew up before the present day.

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