3 thoughts on “Fall and Winter Goals

  1. Methinks the underlining of “get laid” is a not so subtle hint from Andres to Rosa? But why wait to grow the facial foliage until Movember? Maybe Rosa doesn’t like guys with taches and he’s hoping to get lucky before then.
    “Gain 10 lbs.” Good for you, Rosa. So many extremely thin girls of my acquaintance want to starve themselves to lose 10.

  2. Rosa [or "Roja"?] has a better chance of checking everything off her list than Andres does.

    What’s an F.E. exam?

    My favorite part is that they’re sharing a small piece of paper for their lists. Maybe each person suggested the things for the other person’s side of the lists.

    Disappointed that nobody has “Read more books” listed. Sigh!

  3. I Googled FE exam: Fundamental Knowledge of Engineering. So there you go. Whether studying for that exam cuts into his ability to “get laid,” I couldn’t tell you.

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