Evil Chicken


FOUND by Elisa in Suburban Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

This tiny post-it note caught my eye as a flash of yellow amidst the bright green grass. I was struck by how neat the handwriting was– almost looks like a font! I am ever curious what the chicken’s motivation would be to commit a heinous act and to which book they were referring.

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  • orinocowomble

    Reminds me of Rat from Pearls Before Swine, with his retold fairy tales. The Little Red Hen Revealed!

  • Librarian in the Woodwork

    If it’s “easy” to add another character, I’d say it wasn’t that well-written to begin with. But if we added some wizards, placed the action in an English boarding school, threw in a dragon or two to battle the evil chicken, invented some pseudo-Latin magical incantation language, and made the parents of the evil chicken into weak, snivelling fools … well maybe we’ve got something here. Have the re-write back to me by Tuesday.

  • 19doors

    The Little Red Hen! The hen has to bake the bread all by herself; none of the other farm animals will help her.

    She has good reason to go renegade.

  • Leah

    I am 95% sure I wrote this. I was planning on writing a children’s book for a friend of mine who is a cartoonist. I’m in Australia. I have NO IDEA how this made it’s way to Canada.