Evil Chicken


FOUND by Elisa in Suburban Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

This tiny post-it note caught my eye as a flash of yellow amidst the bright green grass. I was struck by how neat the handwriting was– almost looks like a font! I am ever curious what the chicken’s motivation would be to commit a heinous act and to which book they were referring.

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4 thoughts on “Evil Chicken

  1. Reminds me of Rat from Pearls Before Swine, with his retold fairy tales. The Little Red Hen Revealed!

  2. If it’s “easy” to add another character, I’d say it wasn’t that well-written to begin with. But if we added some wizards, placed the action in an English boarding school, threw in a dragon or two to battle the evil chicken, invented some pseudo-Latin magical incantation language, and made the parents of the evil chicken into weak, snivelling fools … well maybe we’ve got something here. Have the re-write back to me by Tuesday.

  3. The Little Red Hen! The hen has to bake the bread all by herself; none of the other farm animals will help her.

    She has good reason to go renegade.

  4. I am 95% sure I wrote this. I was planning on writing a children’s book for a friend of mine who is a cartoonist. I’m in Australia. I have NO IDEA how this made it’s way to Canada.

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