Dirty Licenses


FOUND by Michelle in San Francisco, California

I parked on the street for an appointment, and got back to my car 25 minutes later to find a note on my car. I was thinking, “Oh great, who hit my car? Oh well, at least they left a note.” Then I read it. No name, no contact info listed. How’s a girl supposed to run away with someone when they don’t tell you who they are?

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Licenses

  1. At least the note didn’t “run on,” right?

    Presumably the licenses aren’t driver’s licenses, or license plates, or poetic licenses, or marriage licenses (well, maybe the marriage license). Presumably they’re software licenses. Free and open source love, one Linux lover to another.The penguin is cute, but you’re cuter. Isn’t geek love great?

  2. Run, run, runaway, always on the run, run, run…
    Love is free–legit software costs money.

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