Pucker Up


FOUND by Bryan McDade in Prinzlauerburg, Berlin, Germany

Standing witing for the M1 Tram around midnight on a Tuesday and found this stuck into the side of the shelter. It was wedged between the glass and the frame so someone would see it, almost like it was lost and someone found it, to be found by someone else. Oddly the photomat machine is much further down the street and on the other side. The find made me feel a bit like the character in Amelie.

Home Security


FOUND by Ann in Durango, Colorado

While volunteering with a local organization a few years back, I was responsible for sorting through stacks and stacks of book donations. Among the books, I often found photos, notes, bookmarks, and other stray objects. This was perhaps the most disturbing note I ever found. I hope it’s mere fiction, but fear otherwise. We have our share of paranoid conspiracy theorists and survivalists living in the mountains around here.