Pleased to Inform You


FOUND by Suyi in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I found this in a used copy of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” two days ago at the Book Market used bookstore. I thought this was really sweet because everybody I talk to that was a kid during the first Harry Potter craze admits to having secretly wished that they would recieve a letter by owl from Hogwarts, and here is some kid that wrote one to herself once upon a time ago.

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18 thoughts on “Pleased to Inform You

  1. Pretty good for a sic-year old, obviously. When I read the books I was caught up in the world of Harry Potter. I would glance away and expect for magic to be there in my everyday life. And for a short time thereafter. Wonderful books. We need books like this given the mean remarks. They need magic instead of a sour puss.

  2. Hello fellow Ottawan! This is so amazing, I’ve heard of the the Book Market, where is it exactly?

  3. That is BEYOD ADORABLE. Even I admist to stayong up all night the night I turned eleven and waiting for an owl to come tapping on my window. Sweet.

  4. Wow! Where from did you get all these. Reminded me of my childhood and specially X-mas. The wait for santa sending gifts with a letter(Never knew who wrote it to me) was fascinating. Btw, if anyone interested in mysteries surrounding ancient aliens and ufos read this one out:

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