The Other Stuff


FOUND by Tiffany Shropshire in Austin, Texas

Found in between the pages of a book I was leafing through at Goodwill. It was in a little envelope with Faulkner Flowers in San Marcos, TX, on it. I also found a brochure for a workshop on reaping your social security benefits circa 1991 in the same book. I’d love to know what the other stuff was, and how good it must have been if flowers were only second best.

The Hardest Test I Have Ever Taken


(Click image to see reverse side)

FOUND by Gillian Brassil in Granbery Elementary, Brentwood, Tennessee

I was volunteering at the recycling center that is part of my elementary school. I was digging through a trash-can, sorting things into paper, plastic, cardboard. I grabbed this out and laughed boisterously – this kid obviously knows what’s up.