Why to Go to U of A


FOUND by Kaytee Cobb in University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

A co-worker and I found this on the way out of our building one day. We can only assume that this girl is trying to convince her parents why she should go to UA. However, we cannot fathom how and why this school would help “deal with fear problems.”

Found in Found


FOUND by Rick Piet in Portland, Oregon

I was about one-third into a library copy of the first FOUND book when this note fell from between the pages. Not only was it wonderfully post-modern to find a note within a book on found notes, but the note itself has some intriguing, artful properties: purple graph paper; a simple, repeatedly retraced main note, “Back in 5″; and a reassuring, almost pleading, exclamation in parentheses “(I promise!).”