Wish List


FOUND by Dave Mosner in Hampden, Baltimore, Maryland

Hamden, known for its Christmas light display on 34th street, has a lesser known New Year’s celebration on the same street. People throng 34th waiting for “our” version of the Times Square ball drop and the eventful Baby New Year appearance. Baby New Year happens to be a tubby middle aged guy wearing nothing but a diaper, bonnet and a fu manchu. He descends his stairs, scampers about and high fives the gathered merrymakers. Good times…you should swing by some year. Anyhow, my wife alertly retrieved this from the corner of Chestnut and 34th. We enjoyed passing it around amongst friends at the Hon Bar… discussing our hopes for the new year and wishing the person luck in achieving their goals…hope they located the educational DVD mentioned. I need one to help me find my “bliss.”

I’m in Love with You


FOUND by Edith in Stockholm, Sweden

Found on the bus. Kinda heartbreaking, ‘cuz it’s just thrown away, you now… Hope they’re ok. “Do you wanna read this, do you really wanna know what I am thinking about when I’m like you said ‘absent’? Maybe everything’s going to be wrong and 13 years of true friendship gonna be destroyed by too much love. That’s what I’m thinking about, all the time. If I should take the risk. If I dare. Dare to say that… to you. It’s even hard to write. But, I love you. ‘Well, what’s with that?’ You may think. ‘We’re friends, of course you love me!’ But I love you more than that. I’m in love with you.”