FOUND by Jennifer Norton in Las Vegas, Nevada

I found this walking on the strip in Las Vegas. It seems like there could be more pages to this, maybe before? I imagine “boo-Chie” is a woman who’s upset with her love. Maybe they were going to get married in Vegas, but then there were doubts after they lost tons of money gambling to pay off the trip. Late that very night, her love trying still to win back money downstairs in the casino, she wrote this note in her hotel room.

His Doughnut


FOUND by Cassie Mayo in Edinburgh, Scotland

I found this in a restaurant in Edinburgh around two years ago. The restaurant has mismatched tables and chairs: our table that evening had a drawer in the side of it, like an old-fashioned kitchen table, and this note was in the drawer along with a folder of stuff that seemed to have belonged to a primary school teacher, and a musical birthday card. I keep the note pinned to a board in my office.