So Walk On


FOUND by Liz in San Rafael, California

This was lying face-up in the middle of the sidewalk in front of my neighborhood video store in San Rafael. It’s written on a flap cut from a corrugated cardboard box. The use of “no” instead of “not” suggests the author may have English as a second language. What I especially like about it is how you can see that it started out as a simple declarative statement, then the author had a second thought, scribbled out the exclamation point, and added some advice to the end.

BJ from the Blone


FOUND by Kate Daley in Burlington, Vermont

On a recent Monday morning, as I groggily headed out the door for work and approached my vehicle, I noted a scrap of paper lying next to the front left tire. Although I don’t quite understand what the note-writer “needed” from Brian, I suppose it’s a plea for some kind of drug. Sad I guess, but it still gave me a chuckle, especially considering the note paper it was composed on.