No Love Lost


FOUND by Heather in New York, New York

I found this in 2000. One can sense a lot of anger here; obviously this romance didn’t work out and (I speculate) the parting was not amicable. Like a lot of people I have shown this last photo to, I wonder if sometime, somewhere I have pissed off someone enough to do just such a thing to some photo of me. Given that I had a jilted would-be paramour who broke into my locker before finals and ripped up my entire portfolio of drawings, I think I know the answer. Regardless, to this day, I have a problem with having my picture taken.

For the Love of Puppies


FOUND by Charles Roghair in Costa Mesa, California

Prone to periodic bouts of depression, I often visit Bark Park in an effort to lift my spirits. The dogs are always happy and the sunshine has Vitamin D and I never feel claustrophobic there. Recently, this photocopied offer appeared tacked to the cork bulletin board in the leashing and unleashing decompression area near the dog runs. “El Guapo” haunts me now and has, in fact, become my muse. “El Guapo” is available ladies; you won’t be disappointed.