Happy Couple


FOUND by Casey C-P

This Polaroid is one of our favorites. I unearthed it from down deep in the couch cushions. Since our couches were purchased at a second-hand store, the photo’s origin is shrouded in mystery. It’s hard to tell the year, but the cars in the background and the little girl’s outfit suggest the 60′s or 70′s. They’re most likely just getting out of a wedding. The old guy’s expression is classic– that or he’s sneezing from her perfume.

Groceries and Sex


FOUND by Leslie Constans in Tualatin, Oregon

I found this list in June 2002 in the women’s restroom of a supermarket. I glanced over the front and realized that someone had forgotten her shopping list for an upcoming vacation. I probably wouldn’t have flipped it, except for the fact that the person had written “-over-” at the bottom of the page. The back listed a number of activities to do while on vacation, ending, amusingly enough, with “lots of sex.”

It’s Not Fair


FOUND by Marc in Los Angeles, California

I was sitting in this restaurant in the Highland Park area, looking out the window. A man came up to a police cruiser and placed a note on the window. A bunch of people in the restaurant saw this and wondered about it. The cops were eating in the restaurant but didn’t know this was happening. The cops eventually left and saw the note, read it and spoke with one another while looking up and down the street to see if they could find the note’s author. Everyone was wondering what the note might have said. Finding no suspects, one of the cops went over to a trash can and threw out the note. They eventually got into their cruiser and took off. My curiosity was getting the best of me, so I got up and went to retrieve the note from the trash. I went back into the restaurant knowing that everyone else was curious, so I read the note out loud. We all had a good laugh.