Iraqi Passport Photo


FOUND by Cary Norton in Baghdad, Iraq

Rummaging around one quiet afternoon at Baghdad International Airport (I’m a photographer for a company that’s working in Iraq), I went into an abandoned store and, naturally, started going through some of the drawers. Underneath a stack of year-old pita bread (very, very hard), I stumbled across a small stack of passport photos. There are two things strange about them. One, all the photos are of women. And two, every face has been scribbled on with a red ink pen. Very strange.

Not a Cookie


FOUND by Chris Wegscheid in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I found this on the floor of my office, but I don’t know where it came from. We don’t have any Barbs, and we rarely have cookies. I did have a box of concrete samples in my office earlier in the day, some of which, I suppose, were vaguely cookie-shaped.