You Inside of Me


FOUND by Carol Kolb in New York, New York

I found this note on the ground in a subway station. Here’s what I love about it: 1. It makes one queasy to see someone with fifth-grade writing skills talkin’ nasty. Now, I pray she isn’t actually in fifth grade but the loopdy-doop handwriting doesn’t plead the case she’s not. Spelling-error-prone sex talk reminds you that these people are procreating, not you. 2. We’re chugging along in the letter– friends, friends, want to be friends– and then she drops the bomb. Awesome surprise ending. 3. It’s 2003 and the little ladies are aggressive. This note is evidence that today’s young females are finally making their presence known in the previously male-dominated field of beggin’ for it. Damn. 4. Like many great works, there is room left for interpretation. The debate rages on in my own office. Now we know she wants him inside, yes, but all the only-friends part…. is she really asking for no-strings-attached sex? Or was the friends-only assertion one that subsequent paragraphs negate? Was all that just a clever literary technique to draw the recipient in, a nod at innocence and protocol, a set up for the revelation of her true intentions? Does she, in her heart, want to date this boy or does she truly only want, you know, to feel him inside of her? We will never know.