Child’s Shoe with Buckle


FOUND by Starlee Kine and Felicia Ballos in Chicago, Illinois

I think the thing I’ve owned the longest is this little girl’s lost shoe. It’s tiny and navy blue, with little white stitching. It’s for the left foot. My best friend, Felicia, has the one for the right. Six years ago I was visiting Felicia in Chicago, where she used to live (I was living in New York) and we had just left a bar and were feeling all drunk and giddy. We were both about 20 and very much in that time of our lives when everything had a higher meaning and was in some way magical and important. We were somewhere in uptown, on a residential street near Felicia’s apartment, and the shoes were lying in the middle of the street. I don’t know who saw them first, but we both immediately loved them and wanted them and understood them to be intended for us to find. There couldn’t be any other explanation for why they would be there, a perfectly fine pair of shoes just waiting to be buckled onto some spastic little foot. Basically they had been placed there for us to crack up about, which we did for like twenty minutes in the middle of the street. And then the shoes just became permanent fixtures, crazily important to us. Like bizarre, moderately gross Best-Friend charms, I guess. we’ve always displayed them prominently in our rooms, always made sure they went with us in all our moves – I’ve been living in Chicago since last November and still haven’t managed to retrieve any of my furniture from New York or even my blankets and pillows and stuff but when I came out here that creepy little shoe was the first thing I packed.